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Tar and Chip Seal Ranch Driveway.  How to Choose a Color.

Tar and Chip Driveway.  You’ve decided on tar and chip seal paving for your ranch driveway, but how do you pick a color? One of the greatest benefits of the tar and chip seal method is the color options that come with it. As a paying customer, you will likely have the final say on […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Tar and Chip Seal Surface

Tar and Chip Surface Maintenance.  If you want something to last, take care of it. Your tar and chip seal surface is no exception. On average, you can expect a tar and chip seal surface to last roughly seven years or more. Mistreat your surface or neglect signs of wear and tear, however, and you […]

Tar and Chip Seal Paving: Good Option for Your Parking Lot?

Tar and Chip Paving.  When it comes time to pave your new parking lot, asphalt isn’t your only option. You’ve likely seen tar and chip seal in a couple of different applications — namely, ranch driveways and maybe even certain roadways. But is tar and chip seal paving a viable option for your commercial parking […]

Five Scenarios in Which Tar and Chip Seal Paving Is a Great Option

Tar and Chip Paving.  We see tar and chip seal used in a variety of applications, but when does it work best? While tar and chip seal paving is an exciting and affordable alternative to blacktop, every circumstance is unique. While tar and chip seal might be a great option for one customer, asphalt might […]

8 Reasons Why Tar and Chip Seal Paving Is Used for Roadways

Tar and Chip Roadways.  Eight Reasons Why Tar and Chip Seal Paving Is Used for Roadways Wondering why your township didn’t go with blacktop? Every day, thousands of new roads are being paved all over the world. It’s likely that there has even been some road construction in your area recently! There are two different […]

Tar and Chip Seal Paving for Ranch Driveways: 4 Common Questions

Tar and Chip Ranch Driveways: Four Common Questions. Does your ranch driveway need to be paved? Maybe those cracks and potholes are becoming too much to handle. Perhaps you’re tired of navigating uneven or sunken areas. It might be that you’re just interested in giving your ranch driveway a new look! If you’ve done any […]

4 Reasons to Choose Tar and Chip Seal Paving for Your Driveway

Tar and Chip Seal Driveways.   Are you considering tar and chip seal paving for your driveway? Perhaps you’re comparing a variety of options at this point in the process. Of course, each type has its own pros and cons, whether it’s asphalt, gravel, or concrete. The tar-and-chip method offers a handful of benefits with very […]

5 Signs That It’s Time to Resurface Your Asphalt Driveway

Five Signs to Resurface Driveways.  Most asphalt driveways have lifespans of roughly fifteen to twenty-five years. Rather than letting your driveway fall apart and then dealing with the cost of a full replacement, it’s often far more cost-effective to simply resurface your driveway. This will extend its life while giving it a brand new look! […]

Tar and Chip Versus Asphalt Driveway – Which Option is Better for Your Home?

Tar and Chip Versus Asphalt.  So, you’ve just purchased a brand new home in Dallas, Texas, and are ready to focus on driveway installation — or maybe you’re looking to give your old home a new look with a fresh surface. In any case, when it comes to paving the driveway, homeowners have several options […]

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