Asphalt Paving 101: How The Process is completed in Dallas and the Fort Worth Area

Asphalt Paving 101.  Despite the ubiquity of asphalt paving, which paves the majority of inches throughout the urban Dallas-Fort Worth area, few people know how the process is actually happening. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the asphalt paving process to help our clients understand the work behind their beautiful asphalt driveway, road or parking lot.

Asphalt Paving 101

Step One: Asphalt Paving – Begins with the End

Though not always the case, in the majority of asphalt paving jobs, the installation of a new asphalt surface begins with the demolition and the removal of the current surface. Usually, these services are made from asphalt or concrete and are being removed because they no longer serve their purpose. Elite Asphalt LLC uses a variety of removal methods, and a fleet of heavy vehicles including forklifts, front loads and dump trucks, to break and remove the surface. Debris can be removed to a landfill or, in Elite Asphalt’s case, can be used as recycled asphalt for the repaving driveways and parking lots around Dallas.

Step Two: Stopping Flooding with Sloping and Grading

When it rains in the DFW area, it really rains. Therefore, it is important that whichever asphalt contractor working on a job uses sloping and grading techniques to reduce the risk of standing water, flooding and damage.

Elite Asphalt employs cutting-edge motor graders combined with laser-guided transits to grade the surface layer. This ensures that water runs away from buildings and off of your asphalt in the most efficient manner possible. If there is not grading or sloping completed, the risk of flooding is more severe. This leads to damage of the asphalt surface – in the form of potholes – and even of surrounding buildings.

Step Three: Sub-surface Preparation

Like an iceberg, a great deal of the importance of asphalt paving carries on unseen below the surface. The sub base is particularly important to the health of your asphalt parking lot, roadway or driveway in DFW Texas. At this part of the asphalt paving process, Elite Asphalt creates a stable surface that will be the foundation for the asphalt that will be installed on top. The sub base must be well constructed to support the new surface above it.

Particular threats to the sub base are freezing temperatures, which we usually avoid in Dallas-Fort Worth, or torrential rains. The sub base, which is compacted properly to provide absolute stability, acts as protection against both of these threats.

Step Four: The Extra Mile

The extra mile is the final part of the Elite Asphalt asphalt paving process.

The extra mile is all about making 110% certain that your surface is as absolutely secure, high-quality and prepared for decades of service as is possible. We Proof roll every inch of every surface we lay with a heavy vehicle to ensure that the surface is adequately founded. If the gravel flexes beyond an inch in any point then there is not enough support and undercutting may be required. This is the process of digging a couple of feet below or open the surface and bolster the soil with additional aggregate. Once replaced, the surface is repaired and the test is run once more.

Through our extra mile, we ensure that each and every customer that works with Elite Asphalt is absolutely satisfied.

Step Five: Final Installation

Once we are absolutely happy with the gravel surface we have laid, we add a binder for giving the asphalt its steel. The new asphalt surface is ready to be the parking lot, driveway or roadway that you wanted.


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Asphalt Paving 101

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