Tar and Chip Seal Driveways

Tar and Chip Driveways Saginaw.  Pave your new driveway at a fraction of the typical cost with tar and chip seal.

Is it about time you repaved your Saginaw, Texas driveway but your bank account suggests otherwise?

Particularly if you own a long, ranch driveway, where every square foot counts is another chunk of change coming out of your pocket, paving can quickly turn into a large expense—but it doesn’t have to be.

While many of your Saginaw neighbors may be opting for asphalt, brick, or concrete driveways, consider a gorgeous tar and chip seal driveway instead. On average, customers are able to save up to 40% – 60% on their new driveways, simply by choosing tar and chip seal over blacktop!

At Elite Asphalt, we have over 30 years of experience paving tar and chip seal driveways in Saginaw, Texas.

In addition to cost savings, tar and chip seal paving also allows you to customize the color of your driveway!

Whether you’re looking for a dark gray, brown, or beige finish that will complement the color of your home or whether you’re considering a red, blue, or yellow tone that will make your property stand out and reflect some of your personality, the tar and chip seal paving method provides a wide range of color options for customers.

Our team will help you navigate the entire process, from getting a quote to selecting a stone color to the signing off on the finished product and everything in between. You can be confident that your new driveway will be installed professionally, on time, and on budget.

For tar and chip seal driveways in Saginaw, Texas, there’s only one contractor to call—Elite Asphalt.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d love to discuss the plans for your new driveway!

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