Tar and Chip Seal Parking Lots

Tar and Chip Seal Parking Lots in Grand Prairie, Texas

Tar and chip seal has become a popular method of paving in recent years. In fact, you’ll find that more and more businesses are choosing to go with tar and chip seal parking lots in the Grand Prairie, Texas area.

If you, too, are looking to get a brand new tar and chip seal parking lot professionally installed, look no further than Elite Asphalt.

We have years of experience with the tar and chip seal method, and highly recommend it as a more cost-effective, customizable alternative to the blacktop.

How does tar and chip seal work?

While every project is different, our approach remains the same. On your project, we’ll first discuss your parking lot needs with you, and we’ll then devise a plan for your business’s property. It’s during this time that you’ll be able to choose a stone type and color for your parking lot.

After clearing the ground of vegetation, dirt, and debris, we’ll prepare the surface, put down a layer of hot tar, and then begin to lay the stones (or “chips”). Once this is complete, we’ll roll the area to compaction. After some finishing touches, you’ll be left with a gorgeous finished product!

Although tar and chip seal might not use the same process or materials that an asphalt surface uses, you’ll be getting a highly durable surface that is comparable to asphalt.

Unlike a gravel surface, which isn’t suitable for most commercial parking lots, a finished tar and chip seal parking lot possesses a smoothness and evenness that makes it easy for customer vehicles to navigate.

Not to mention, it even offers a little more traction than a traditional blacktop finish!

For tar and chip seal parking lots in Grand Prairie, Texas, choose Elite Asphalt. Give us a call today to discuss your next project!

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