Tar and Chip Seal Driveways Grand Prairie

Tar and Chip Driveways Grand Prairie.  If you’re a homeowner, ordering and installing a new driveway might be unfamiliar territory for you.

Perhaps you’ve thought about a blacktop driveway but figure that it might fall slightly outside your budget. Maybe you’ve looked at gravel driveways but don’t want to deal with the mess of loose stones.

Fortunately, there’s another method that we often recommend to our residential customers: tar and chip seal. What’s more, is that we can make sure it’s professionally installed!

Elite Asphalt is your go-to residential contractor for tar and chip seal driveways in Grand Prairie, Texas.

There are two areas, specifically, where tar and chip seal has a leg up on other driveway alternatives:


Most notably, this method is extremely cost-effective. Although blacktop is a relatively affordable option as it is, it still doesn’t compare with the cost of a tar and chip seal finish.

So, if the cost is a major factor when making your decision, tar and chip seal may be the way to go.


If you’ve paid attention to some of the other tar and chip driveways in Grand Prairie, you’ve probably noticed that, visually, they stand out in ways that most asphalt finishes don’t.

The tar and chip seal method allows you to not only pick a type of stone or “chip” (or multiple types) to use for your driveway but also select a color. Whether it’s red, brown, gray, or another color of choice, the tar, and chip method give you customization options that you won’t get with most paving alternatives.

This will allow you to choose a finish that better complements the aesthetic of your home!

Give the team at Elite Asphalt a call. We’ll get your driveway installed on time and on a budget!

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