Tar and Chip Seal Driveways in Bedford, Texas

Delivering gorgeous tar and chip seal driveways in Bedford, Texas.

Could your Bedford property use a new driveway? Maybe you’ve just recently bought land and are planning to build a new home. Perhaps your existing driveway is on its last leg and you’ve conceded that it’s time to start over.  A Tar and Chip driveway may be perfect for you.

Whatever the case, consider chip seal paving as a highly affordable, low-maintenance alternative to a traditional blacktop driveway.

Our team has decades of experience installing tar and chip seal driveways in Bedford, Texas.

Cost is a pain point for many homeowners. Well, not only does tar and chip seal cost a fraction of the price of asphalt but it is also affordable to maintain. As tar and chip seal is largely self-healing, small cracks that would typically grow larger in an asphalt surface have the ability to close up over time.

What’s more, chip seal paving also allows you to match the color of your driveway with your home. Whether you’re interested in a neutral color that will blend in with your property or a brighter tone that will make your driveway stand out among the other driveways in your neighborhood, the tar and chip seal method affords you the option.

When you work with Elite Asphalt, you benefit from partnering with not only a professional paving contractor but also an experienced consultant. We’ve been in the paving business for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in all things paving related. As one of our customers, you’re able to lean on our expertise to achieve the best possible result for your new driveway!

If you’re in need of a chip seal driveway in Bedford, Texas, you know who to call—Elite Asphalt.

We’d love to discuss your new driveway with you. Don’t hesitate to connect with us!

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