Parking Lot Sealcoating

The bright sun that Arlington, Texas enjoys in the summer months makes for great weather, but it doesn’t help asphalt paving surfaces.

In fact, Arlington’s summer months can be very damaging for an industrial, commercial or institutional parking lot. Asphalt sealcoating from Elite Asphalt LLC limits the damage that the sun’s UV rays, cold temperatures and even dropped oil and gasoline can inflict. And our parking lot sealcoating comes at an affordable price. For industrial or commercial parking lots, sealcoating helps to protect your investment and ensure your parking lot remains functional for longer.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Because the weather can cause your parking lot’s blacktop to fade, crack and have seepage problems, it is vital to protect it. Sealcoating offers an affordable solution to oxidation problems and will keep your parking lot in prime condition for longer.

When any Arlington business chooses parking lot sealcoating from Elite Asphalt LLC, they are choosing the most experienced and trusted local paving contractor. Our dedicated sealcoating team will first assess the integrity of your existing lot to make sure it is in a suitable state for sealcoating. We will then work quickly on your lot to clean, coat and cure your surface and endow it with resilience that will extend its lifetime.

Protect your Pocket with Sealcoat Savings

Though asphalt is a hardwearing material, like any other material, it requires help to continually withstand pressures applied to it. UV rays, cold temperatures and spilt oil and gasoline all have detrimental effects on the integrity of an asphalt parking lot. This is on top of the traffic flow stresses that a parking lot must deal with.

Elite Asphalt LLC recommends any Arlington parking lot owner to sealcoat their surface three years after installation and then every three to five years following. This way, parking lot owners can protect their investment properly, ensuring that they will not need to repave the lot for many years to come. This way, sealcoating saves money and time so that your business or industrial site can continue to operate unimpeded.

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For any commercial, industrial or institutional parking lot sealcoating in the Arlington, Texas area, Elite Asphalt LLC is your local and professional team. We’re Arlington’s most trusted paving company, known for delivering high-quality parking lot sealcoating services at exceptional prices. With a team of trained professionals and over 50 years’ experience, we’re hard to beat. Call today to get a quote!

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