ADA Wheelchair Ramp Striping: Why Your DFW Parking Lot needs it

To hit requirements set out in law, your Dallas-Fort Worth ADA wheelchair ramp must have parking lot striping for orderly and organized traffic flow

The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA for short, requires that all ADA wheelchair ramps are accompanied by parking striping so that ramp users have a secure and easily identified entry and exit. A clear and strong striping gives ramp users safety when using the ramp and means that other parking lot users are aware of the ramp’s presence.

As the Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier paving company, we are proud to supply superb and affordable parking lot striping to meet the needs of all parking lot users.

How Parking Lot Striping Helps

Though it can be forgotten about, parking lot striping is key to the organization of a parking lot in the DFW area. Striping allows parking lot users to understand the layout of the lot itself, where the traffic flows and the points of entry and exit. Essentially, the striping gives order to the parking lot and helps avoid unnecessary accidents. With stop bar lines, arrows and other striping techniques, parking lot users are able to follow a logical and easy-to-read system. On top of this, striping adds to curb appeal, giving your parking lot an attractive, polished look.

As previously mentioned, parking lot striping is particularly necessary around an ADA-approved wheelchair ramp because it gives ramp users clear indication of its use, and makes other parking lot users aware that a ramp is present. Users will therefore be more cautious when driving past the ramp.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Dallas-Fort Worth Wheelchair Ramp Striping

When seen on a parking lot, striping looks like a simple matter. However, the ability to apply parking lot striping in a logical and adequate fashion takes a degree of precision, experience and patience that only the professionals have.

With limited space and the need for accuracy, parking lot striping for wheelchair ramps is a situation where professional guidance is necessary. The professional team at Elite Asphalt will deliver clear and simple striping so that the flow of traffic in your parking lot is controlled and that users remain safe. By using our services, you grant disabled users of your parking lot the reassurance of knowing that their entrance and exit to the wheelchair ramp is safe.

Total Safety with Parking Lot Striping

A point worth repeating is that parking lot striping provides security for all of you DFW area parking lot users. The staff, the general public and drivers themselves benefit from a clearly mapped out parking lot. Wheelchair users can be particularly vulnerable and striping gives them a defined safe area free from other vehicles.

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