Accessibility and Business: Are You Compliant with ADA Regulation?

ADA Compliance Paving Services.  Accessibility and Business: Are You Compliant with ADA Regulation?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulates the inclusion of wheelchair ramps and easy access to public places and businesses for citizens with restrictions on their movement. Commonly, this is thought as those unable to walk and who use a wheelchair. Ramps offer wheelchair users an accessible entrance and exit points to ensure those with limited mobility are able to use the same buildings and businesses as fellow citizens.

As a business owner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you must be compliant with ADA regulations so that disabled individuals can easily enter your business.

Are You ADA Compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not the only act of law that governs requirements on public and private areas open to the public. There are also a variety of state laws that will change depending on the area you live in.

Making sure you’re compliant with ADA requirements is extremely important. Not only does this allow citizens with mobility issues to use your premises like any other person, but non-compliance can also land you in trouble with authorities.

ADA Compliance Paving Services.  The Wheelchair Access Ramp

We all understand that a ramp offers those with difficulty walking, or those unable to walk, a safe and manageable passage into a building. The ramp’s slope allows those in wheelchairs an alternative access route to stairs.

But the building of wheelchair ramps and slopes are governed by law and must adhere to certain standards and specifications. An example of this is that something to hold – like handrails – must be present no nearly all, bar the very smallest, wheelchair ramps. This is in place to offer security to ramp users.

ADA Compliance Paving Services

If your building does not have an entrance that is at road level or does not have a ramp to allow access to wheelchair users, your building may be in breach.

A similar law is the Fair Housing Act (FHA) which governs the accessibility regulations around multifamily housing properties.

Choose Elite Asphalt for Wheelchair Ramp Construction

As an experienced contractor, Elite Asphalt LLC is knowledgeable of accessibility laws and regulations in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Should you be unsure of whether your building is ADA compliant, simply contact us and we can explain your situation.

We construct and install wheelchair ramps that meet the strict regulatory measures laid down in law, offering a variety of gradients, materials and appearances that suit the style of your building or business while keeping in-line with regulation.

For wheelchair ramps and disabled access points, call the professionals in. At Elite Asphalt LLC, we’re waiting to hear from you.


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