5 Top Attributes to Look for in a Professional Asphalt Repair Company

Professional Asphalt Company Attributes

Picking an asphalt repair company to undertake major work on your commercial, residential or industrial property is no simple matter. Businesses and homeowners in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area have many options to choose from, though some are better than others.

If you do some research, you’re bound to find that Elite Asphalt has the finest reputation of any DFW asphalt contractor. We go above and beyond for all our clients.

But which are the attributes you should look out for in an asphalt repair company?

Years of Experience

Experience cannot be brought but must be earned by years of toil in the industry. A quality paving contractor will have decades of experience – Elite Asphalt has been in the industry for over 30 years – and those experiences will have taught the company a great deal.

Huge experience gives an asphalt contractor the knowledge of where to begin and what to look out for on each job, before they even begin to pave. This makes each job quicker and more efficient, saving clients both time and money. If you want a low-cost asphalt paving experience, then bring in a company with years of experience.

Is the Price Right?

Pricing can tell you a lot about a contractor.

Only those willing and serious about the job will visit your property to give you a quote, which should always be free and without commitment.

Prices that aren’t competitive should be ruled out immediately. Why pay over the odds?

And the same goes for extremely low ball prices. This usually suggests a company with little experience who are desperate to land a quick job.

But if a company’s slightly higher price can be backed up by experience, skill and lots of happy clients, then they should certainly be considered. Slightly higher prices usually mean a company that is confident of their product and one that can deliver with a good team and quality equipment.

Where’s the Proof? License and Insurance.

If a company promotes themselves as a professional paving contractor, then it would be easy to assume the company is properly licensed and insured. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in this world and that isn’t always the case.

Always ask to see the company’s license and insurance before agreeing on a service.

If they cannot provide proofs, then steer well clear – none of the services you request can be guaranteed.

Professional Asphalt Company Attributes.  Read the Reviews

When an asphalt repair company wants potential clients to know about their services, they will do their best to make reviews of their work readily available to see.

And the Internet makes searching out reviews so much easier. Google’s business listings often have reviews listed with a star-based system, and a reputable asphalt contractor will have a quality website.

But you can also check resources like the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been made against the company you’re thinking about hiring, and how they were handled.

Word of mouth is a classic way to find out more and still holds true in the modern era.

What’s in a Warranty?

Any quality paving or asphalt repair company will give you a guarantee of its work. Usually, these come in the form of a limited warranty or project warranty that can give you the confidence your job will be completed to rigorous industry standards.

Those companies who won’t commit to any warranty should be avoided. No smoke without fire for this.

Elite Asphalt does provide warranty. We’re a reputable company with a sincere concern for the satisfaction of our customer: we put you first.

Get in touch today to book an initial consultation. You won’t regret it.


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